English 101: Defining and Redefining the Hero


FINAL "EXAM" 12/11 (aka the revised paper and reflection): The location of the final exam is Koffler 204, located on the mall between the Science Library and the Chemistry building. You must turn in:  paper with comments, revised paper with highlighted changes, and the reflection essay, and you must turn in your final between 9-10. THIS FINAL CANNOT BE LATE. If you are late that day, you need to go to Modern Languages 445 to turn it in, and you will receive a penalty. I have to turn in your grades Monday, December 14, so I must receive your final Friday. If I do not, per Writing Program policy, you will fail the course. Other important dates:

  • 12/7:  Reflection for Twelfth Night project (900-1200 words, or 3-4 pages)
  • 12/9:  Self-analysis for Twelfth Night project

Reminder:  The Twelfth Night project consists of three things:  1) the presentation; 2) the reflection; and 3) the self-analysis. You will receive individual grades on this project based on a combination of scores from the three items. Also, we are not using the D2L dropbox to turn in anything anymore. Everything is in hard copy form. And, all of this information is on the syllabus.

11/30:  Please bring a clean copy of the introduction to the paper you have chosen to revise for your final exam. You do not need to do any revising prior to class. Remember that this is the last in-class day you have to prepare your presentations, so make sure you do a technology run.

Alternate email:  UA email has been unreliable lately, so if you need to reach me via email, please cc (that way, it shows up in the UA account as well) me at this email address:  cyndiheadley@yahoo.com.  Be sure to include "English 101" in the subject line because this account gets a lot of spam, and I do not want to delete your email.

11/2, 11/4, and 11/9:  On 11/2, please bring 2-3 paragraphs as a first draft to class. On 11/4, please bring TWO drafts to class: the one you brought on 11/2, AND a second, longer draft in which you highlight changes from the first draft. WE WILL NOT BE DOING THE PEER REVIEW ASSIGNMENT scheduled for 11/4. Paper is due 11/9 on D2L, before class starts. On 11/9, you also need to turn in a hard copy of the self-assessment we started in class on 10/28.

10/28:  SYLLABUS ADDITION:  Bring your commented upon paper to class. If you like, you can do this via your laptop or you can print it out. This is in addition to what is already on the calendar.

10/12:  Bring Twelfth Night. Study the Shakespeare "Introduction," which you can download from the "Course Texts" page on this website. You may have a quiz on this information. You will NOT need to read "Christ," even though that is on the syllabus.

10/7:  NO CLASS. Paper 1 due using D2L dropbox.

9/23:  Remember, no class on this date. For Monday, 9/28, you have TWO writing assignments due:  1) 2 PIE paragraphs on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, one of which focuses on audio-visual elements.  2) First draft of "Paper 1." The minimum required length is that you have your thesis statement and two PIE body paragraphs.

Remember that you are attending only ONE of the following days, depending on which date you signed up, either 9/30 OR 10/5.


Syllabus doc  

Syllabus pdf 


Paper 1    doc    pdf    revising     documentation

Paper 2    doc    pdf 

Paper 1/2 Example:  Please go to the D2L site to see an example of an "A" paper               

Paper 3/Presentation     docx      pdf  

Final Portfolio 

Quiz 3 (take home due 9/14)     pdf

Judith PIE paragraph    docx     pdf

Grading rubrics/Self Analyses

Paper 1/2     doc     pdf

Paper 1 self analysis     doc 

Project 3-Presentation self-analysis     docx     pdf


docx     pdf

 *Remember that the calendar is subject to change according to class needs


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