English 102: The Rhetorics of War and Peace

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Daily one page critique

Rhetorical analysis

Rhetorical analysis starter

Peer review

Annotated Bibliography

Controversy analysis

Controversy analysis (Self Analysis)

Sample Controversy Analysis   pdf

Public Argument

Public Argument Rubric (Self Analysis)

Rhetorics of war and peace


General grading rubric

Cultural Artifacts

Stanley Milgram     pdf (reading)    Brown re-creation (video in class)

Eugene Delacroix      "Liberty Leading the People"


Robert Ardrey    weblink     pdf  

Thomas Hobbes   weblink   pdf   more resources

Hortensia    weblink    pdf    more resources 

Hsun Tzu     pdf   (this pdf includes introduction and Meng Tzu)    *Warning:  This pdf contains extra readings. You may want to view the selection first, so that you can print the specific pages you need.

Thomas Jefferson    weblink    pdf    more resources 

John Locke        weblink    pdf    more resources

Martin Luther King, Jr     weblink     pdf     more resources

James Madison      weblink    pdf      more resources

Meng Tzu (Mencius)     see Hsun Tzu for pdf

Niccolo Machiavelli    weblink 1    weblink 2    pdf    more resources 

Ashley Montagu   weblink   pdf    more resources 

Jean-Jacques Rousseau    weblink    pdf    more resources

Samuel      weblink to Hebrew Bible-read 1 Samuel, chapters 8, 9, 10

Elizabeth Cady Stanton/Lucretia Mott    weblink    pdf     more resources

Henry David Thoreau    weblink    pdf    more resources 

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